Choose Custom Gable Boxes for a Versatile Packaging Solution

Looking for a versatile solution for your product packaging?  Custom gable boxes are an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The unique shape of these boxes enhances the visual appeal of products.  A Gable box has a square shape from the bottom and has a rectangular shape at the top which forms the handle. Custom Gable Boxes can help you to make an impression on customers and help your business to grow. These boxes are sturdy which helps to keep the product safe. Handle at the top make it easy for customers to carry and handle the boxes.


Below are some of the reasons why gable boxes are versatile packaging

Visually appealing – Custom Gable Boxes

The unique hut shape of the gable box and handles at the top make them highly appealing. With colors, fonts and quality print graphics, gable boxes can be more eye-catching and attractive. These boxes add value to your product and it will be impossible for customers to overlook them. These boxes are also available with window die-cuts which increase visibility.

Provide safety – Custom Gable Boxes Wholesale

custom Gable boxes wholesale come into shape when different layers of cardboard come together. Cardboard is a sturdy material that makes the box more durable and strong. It protects the inside product from moisture, heat and other environmental factors. These boxes can easily bear the weight of heavy products with the support of handles.


Cost-effective – Wholesale Gable Boxes

Custom gable boxes are highly cost-effective and you can also buy these at wholesale. These boxes usually come in small and medium size which reduces the production cost.  Gable boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable. It requires less packaging material which helps to reduce your cost too much extent. The boxes are really cheap as compared to other packaging boxes.

Versatile and flexible – Custom Printed Gable Boxes

When it comes to versatile packaging, there is no better choice than custom gable boxes. From food to clothing, you can use these boxes for almost all products. You can even use them as lunch boxes. Moreover, gable boxes come in different sizes and shapes. These boxes are an ideal choice for the gift, food items, and wedding favors.

Advertisement purpose –  Gable Boxes Packaging

Brands always want unique packaging while launching a new product on the market. Gable boxes are the perfect choice for promotional and advertisement purposes. The shape and handle of the boxes increase the visual appeal and make customers notice it immediately. By printing logos and brand names, you can turn these boxes into a strong marketing tool.


Recyclable boxes 

Gable box comes in different materials. All of the materials are eco-friendly and highly-recyclable. It makes the boxes flexible and allows customers to dispose of them easily. Eco-friendly nature of wholesale gable boxes makes them special. It helps to reduce your cost and

Easy customization

The material of the gable box takes the print will and produce high-quality gable boxes. With different customization options, you can make the boxes more unique and exceptional. Uniquely designed gable boxes increase the shelf appeal and help to draw more customers. It enhances the customer’s perception and encourages them to buy the product.

By presenting your products in personalized gable boxes can help to attract customers and boost sales. So, it is important to design your packaging creatively. Contact Custom Packaging Pro to get uniquely designed gable boxes according to your needs.


Custom Printed Bath Bomb Packaging Boxes Wholesale with Cheap Rates

Most of the people want to get relaxed after the tiring day and taking a bath drains almost all of the weariness and drowsiness. But what makes a bath complete? Yes, you guessed it right. Bath bombs.

Custom Bath bombs are a little spherical fizzies that give a special fragrance to your bath. These bath bombs are made from all-natural ingredients because of why they are in such high demand. These can be utilized by you or can be given as gifts because of the decency and luxury they exhibit.

If you are in the bath bombs manufacturing business then it’s certainly a win-win situation because of their increasing demand. However, the foremost concern of every entrepreneur is the safety of their products. Therefore, to ease up the burden, custom printed bath bomb packaging boxes wholesale are introduced into the industry. There are several reasons for choosing these custom boxes for your product. Proceed below.


As already mentioned earlier, every business mogul tends to go for those custom boxes which keep their products safe and sound. Exquisite products like bath bombs can be molded into different shapes during their transportation over longer distances. However, these bath bomb boxes flawlessly align to all the configurations of your bath bombs and keep them protected. Hence, your products get placed in nice and smooth which, in turn, maintain the top-notch quality of your bath bombs.



2. Positive Impression

The materials used for making these Custom bath bomb boxes Wholesale are all durable and long-lasting. Moreover, these bath bomb boxes not only protect your product from getting distorted but also protect your bath bomb from effervescence. These bath bombs start to evaporate as soon as they get in contact with water. You don’t really want to deliver an evaporated bath bomb, right? Because this can prove to be a curse for your business. Therefore, these bath bomb boxes are specifically designed to keep the bath bombs intact.

  1. Boosts Up Your Brand Value

When a perfectly designed bath bomb reaches its respected destination, without getting distorted, your customer gets a feeling of relief and approval. Thus, it creates an atmosphere of trust and reliance between you and your customers. Moreover, when your customer shows your product to his or her family and friends, this will only grab you a lot of awes and appraisals. This will certainly boost up your brand value and many people will come back to buy some more.

  1. Attention-grabbing

The most important to take into account is to keep the packaging of your product matchless. Packaging may be termed as the main culprit if you’re not getting enough sales. If your packaging is done in the right way, it can prove to be a boon for your business. These bath bomb boxes showcase your product impeccably which will certainly grab a lot of attention from the onlookers. Making your packaging exceptional will certainly make your product unparalleled in the horde of other products.

Fascinated by these cardboard boxes, you will certainly get a lot of sales and that’s what every businessman wants!

Cardboard Boxes for Bath Bomb Boxes


Everyone wants luxury baths on weekends to relax and refresh their minds. Bath bombs can be just the thing that can re-energize them and have fun at the same time. The fizz created by the bath bombs and the exquisite color twirls are enough to take away all tiredness. This has led to an increased demand for bath bombs around the globe. Most bath bomb companies have the same ingredients and specifications of their products. What sets them apart, is the versatility of packaging in the market. Custom boxes for bath bombs make them even more attractive.

People often get confused when they are standing in front of racks upon racks of bath bombs. A nice and appealing personalized packaging is what makes the decision easier for them. Presentation of products has become so significant that people notice the packaging first and the product later. Here are some features of bath box boxes which make them so important.

People around the globe love to have bath bombs:

Across all seven continents of the world, more people are falling in love with bath bombs every day. This shows how quickly the bath bomb market is expanding. The influx of so many competitors exerts pressure on the manufacturers to have their products distinguished from all others. One can achieve a distinct product easily with the help of custom packaging which has unique and creative ideas. So, bath bomb boxes need more attention of the manufacturers as more and more people begin using bath bombs.

Customized packaging for bath bombs make shipping easier:

Bath bombs need to look perfect when taken out of the box, so protecting them from any harm is important. The lightweight and sturdy cardboard boxes are the safest way to transport them. The smooth surface and the custom boxes keep bath bombs in their place to avoid their tossing around. This way, their shipping is easier less expensive as they do not need extra bindings to pack them.

A diverse range of designing options for bath bomb boxes:

Bath bomb boxes come in all shapes and sizes. The advancement in cutting and folding techniques has made the customization of these boxes in various designs easier. There are boxes for packing a different number of bath bombs in them, keeping in view the needs of buyers. These boxes may hold a single bath bomb or as many as dozen. It depends upon the creativity of the makers to make the boxes more attractive and convenient to use. Custom packaging and printing wholesale dealers have very economic and attention-grasping ideas for these boxes.

The additional attractions of bath bomb boxes:

Bath bomb boxes are luxuriant so they need a presentation of more elegance. To make this presentation possible, there are a lot of options for costing and surfacing the bath bomb boxes. There is a plethora of finishing options like glossy finishing to make the package stand out in a shop. The matte finishing, on the other hand, will give the box a more classy and elegant look. There can be an aqueous coating or UV finishing for the bath bomb boxes too if you need something unconventional.
Not only outer finishing needs attention, the inside needs focus too. The silver or gold foiling inside the custom packaging can make it even more pleasing to the sight. This will also give the inside of the box a nice texture which will feel nice to touch.

Die-cut window in custom boxes makes the company more reliable:

The customized bath bomb boxes can have for cut windows in them too. This will not only show the taste and imagination of the makers but also will ensure an honest display. This way the cool colors of the bath bombs attract more people towards them. These windows can be of any shape, made of the imagination of the manufacturers.

Prints and printing quality of these boxes is a given:

Personalized bath bomb boxes can go a long way in increasing a company’s popularity. The kind of printing ink used for the boxes also shows the quality of packaging. That’s why the printing ink has to be of good quality. Nice prints can bring out the product more, this is why packaging is important.

Bath bomb boxes are a sure way of attracting more people if made the right way. So, bring out your imaginations into reality and design a perfect bath bomb box for your consumers.